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Contact:  Arlene Gashlin, Tel. 425-4351,


Population Served:  Homebound members & members with temporary health concerns.

Special Talents:  Spirit led and pastor supported members of Incarnate Word love their neighbors as themselves as they purposefully engage in Christian care-giving.

Goals/Dreams:  Serve all in need, connect those in need with community resources, assist w/ transportation, provide education to caregivers, highlight homebound person re: their time & contributions to IW

Resources Needed: 

Educational materials to  support the Caregivers. 

Care Bags  to hand out to family members sitting vigil in hospitals/nursing homes that include our hymnal, a Bible, parking tokens, snacks, magazines, toiletries, etc.

Volunteers Needed:   

Caregivers willing to visit a member in need once per month and purposefully engage in Christian care-giving. 

Clerical Volunteer to track participants and visits.   

Social Worker to connect those being served with community resources. 

Public Relations volunteer to promote this ministry and increase volunteer participation