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Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network 

Contact: Dana McIver, Tel. 671-6624,
Email: dwmciver@rochester.rr.com


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Population Served:    Homeless families with children in Rochester.

Special Talents:    Volunteers donate time, services, or goods to help families settle into transitional housing, i.e. their accommodations at IW.  Hospitality and cooking skills needed.

Goals/Dreams:    Witness to Christ.  Provide safe, welcoming & comfortable environment where guest can eat, sleep and relax.  Lower frustration and hopelessness for guests in the program.

Resources Needed:

Physical Space  :  kitchen, pantry, Fellowship Hall, computer room (compliments of CAA) downstairs nursery room, Sunday School rooms, bathrooms, parking lot 

Financial Donations :  these have been  entirely  voluntary by individuals of IW and Messiah Lutheran church’s donation  (Our support church).  They include inflatable beds, food, beverages, linens, towels, diapers, batteries, over the counter medicines and some miscellaneous items.  Costs have been an average of $200/rotation  (we have four rotations a year) 

In Kind Donations  : heat, gas, electricity, stove, refrigerator, freezer, pots and pans, dishes, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, sexton services.

Volunteers Needed:

Coordinator for IW:    Oversees all aspects of program, attends meetings, send in reports, does publicity; at present is also the volunteer coordinator who makes sure that the schedule is filled out for each rotation.  At least 50 hours per rotation. 

Food coordinator:    On site several times a week, purchases staples- beverages, fruit, condiments, snacks, lunch supplies etc 

Hosts  :  to be with guests, provide hospitality, help with set up and clean up.   

M-F:  5 PM – 7:30 AM 

Sat:  7:30 AM – 1 PM,   (10 – 1 at Day Center) 4 PM – 7 AM,   2 nd  Sun:   7 AM – 2 PM 

Cooks:    prepare meals, set up, serve and cleanup 

M-F 5 PM – 8:30 PM, dinner, take out lunch 

Shopping for meals and much prep work done before coming to church 

Saturday:  breakfast, take out lunch 

2 nd  Sunday Breakfast and lunch 

Overnight hosts  :  to be with guests, field problems    8:30 PM – 7:30 AM 

People to set up and take down  :  times flexible usually on Sundays  

Also Needed:   People who have trucks and people who can help move RAIHN guests when they get an apartment or a house