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While going through our children’s old school papers, we came across a wonderful reminder from a beloved kindergarten teacher – How to Be a Good Friend. The list of ideas had come from the children themselves and included things like be nice, listen to others, smile and laugh a lot, be kind, help others, don’t argue, hold hands to keep each other safe. What wonderful wisdom we can learn from our children. The pages of this brochure are essentially an expansion of the list from our children’s kindergarten class showing the ways we can be nice, listen, help, smile and laugh, and most importantly, hold hands to keep each other safe.

We find ourselves living in a time and place where there truly is a lot of need, a lot of hurt in the world. In our own community there are many who are looking for someone to offer them a hand to

hold, a smile, a kind word.  God has blessed each and every one of us so graciously. Even if we feel that we can’t really make a huge difference in the world, we can make a huge difference in the life of an individual, which is the world for that person.

When Paul wrote to the church in Philippi so long ago, he wrote to a church that was already reaching out, already on a path of faithfulness, already living with the sure hope of God’s loving promises. But they needed a gentle reminder to keep going, keep living out those promises, keep doing what they knew God intended for them. We are really not so different from that ancient community. Our congregation has been blessed, and we strive to live out God’s call for our community, but we too need gentle reminders to keep going. Think of this brochure as that gentle reminder. 

You will probably see in these pages things in which you already participate – what a blessing you are! You may also see new opportunities, things you may have never known were needed, things that intrigue you, or simply things that you know you can do. First of all, pray. Ask God to guide you to the places where you may serve. Then act. Become involved, be nice, be kind, smile and laugh a lot, listen, hold someone’s hand. And the God of peace will indeed be with you!     


Pastor Doug 
Pastor Joanne